Friday, October 16, 2009

Photo O' the Day: Burned

Last night was our Thursday Night Office Night and we were downstairs viewing the crappy episode when the smoke alarm went off.

Smoke alarms make me nervous. On my 18th birthday I set the house on fire while lighting birthday candles. But it wasn't until 10 minutes later when the smoke alarm when off that I realized that I'd inadvertently lit a paper towel roll on fire. Flames were reaching the ceiling before I'd managed to put the darn thing out. It was rather exciting.

The damage was minimal but the residue from the fire extinguisher was a bear to clean up.

So the folks in the tv room last night might have noticed that I made a rather dramatic leap off the couch and up the stairs to investigate. It's one of those times that as soon as you hear the alarm, you think: "Oh *#*%#!!, I left the ______ in the oven!!"

So much for that loaf of bread.


  1. that's impressive Sonja. Not using your timer?

  2. Noooo...The timer was on but I couldn't hear it from down in the basement.

    lesson learned.

  3. silly girl. you need an internal timer like mine. Last night's Office wasn't that bad either!