Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Weekend Events

Bailey decided to be a sheepdog for Halloween.
He loved his costume.

I thought he'd look good as a vintage socialite, circa 1950. But that didn't fly.
Evidently we have the next PETA spokesdog on our hands:
"I'd rather go naked than wear fur".

Faux fur though, especially one that resembles a squeaky toy, is perfectly acceptable.

The house looked spooky..
I sure hope our ONE trick-or-treater appreciated our decorations
Megan and I made dinner...the boys helped. Here they are verifying that onions do indeed make one's eyes water.

We've been stockpiling Winnie's eggs and had an awesome egg breakfast on Sunday morning.
And then my two favorite men decided it was time for a little shut-eye.
Eating eggs is hard work.
And requires lots of recovery time.
Lots and lots of recovery time

Oh look! One finally decided to get up!
Oh, no. Just moving to another spot on the rug.
That furry person in black is me. I was proud of myself for building the final door and perches for the chicken coop. My enthusiasm was tempered, however, by the hen's refusal to actually use their perch. Round One: Chickens 1, Sonja 0.