Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Greetings

Dear Friends and Family:

May you be blessed with peace and joy this holiday season.

Our little family has been a whirlwind of activity this year; we officially moved to Seattle, purchased a home, raised three crazy chickens, and spent several blissful weeks exploring Southern Africa. We hope next year will bring many more exciting adventures.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year.

Love, Chris, Sonja, and Bailey

(and the chickens: Winnie, Greta, and Phoebe)


  1. Great picture! Thanks for the advice on the chickens, we're so excited to start planning for some little feathered friends to join the family. Although, I have a feeling the dogs will not be so accepting & will need some "Dog Whisperer" action to accept the chickens instead of seeing them as living creatures to hunt. :) Happy Holidays! I'll keep you updated if I attempt the rainbow cupcakes again & the final result...

  2. Good luck, with both the chickens AND the cupcakes!Can't wait to see how round two goes, cupcake-wise.

    It took a good three months before I was comfortable leaving the girls with our giant mutt. He was a street dog for a long time so he tends to look at wildlife as a dinner option, much to our dismay. But he's well trained now and doesn't think twice when the chicks wander under him or peck at his feet. But we have a few close calls. :)

    Happy Holidays.