Wednesday, December 23, 2009

He's Not Food Oriented At All

Few things in our home run on a precise schedule. Very, very few things. One daily event, however, it set in stone: dinner time.

Bailey's dinner time.

Around 4:20 he starts wiggling. Can't sit still. Must cruise into the kitchen and check to make sure that his bowl is in the correct spot. Dinner can't happen if there is no bowl. Around 4:45 he comes back into the living room, and thrusts his head into your lap. Is it time for dinner yet? NO? Pleaseeee?

Come 5 pm he is in a tizzy. MUST HAVE FOOD. NOW.

Heaven forbid we're 10 minutes late.


  1. lol Sonja! Maizy and Gus are 20 times worse. :-)

  2. Cute! And what torture. You make him sit and wait? Poor thing.

  3. Haha! Swarley and Lola do the EXACT same routine - even the sitting and waiting. It's like they have a little internal dinner clock. Sometime Swarley drools while he's waiting, he's so excited...

  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Aww, I miss that about having a Lab. Our German Shepherd Blitz is sooo not food motivated. We even have a somewhat difficult time getting him to eat enough so he doesn't look too skinny.

    He did learn to hang out under the baby's high chair, because Benny likes to "share" - but I don't think it's about eating for Blitz, it's more about bonding with his buddy :-)