Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DIY Headboard

Update: This project is finished!! Check here to see our final DIY Headboard.

I'm still pondering our headboard options. I may trundle off to the store this afternoon and nose around a bit. See what sorts of crown moulding (molding?) is available. Good idea on that one, readers. You guys are so creative. 

I think that I'll stick with the original door idea. I'm liking padded headboards, though. I've never owned one; we just use pillows to prop ourselves up while reading. But frankly, most of my reading is done on the couch downstairs. It's only when I'm sick does the bed becomes a haven of lovely books, warm milk, and toasty comforters (and snotty kleenex and throat lozenges, if we're being honest).

Here are a few of the styles that I've been perusing:

And, to refresh your memory, this is what I have to work with:
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