Monday, April 12, 2010

Girls Day Out

The boys were off gallivanting around this weekend: Chris drove up to Alaska with his brother and Eric, well, Eric spent his weekend  in class and at work. Poor Eric. Not exactly gallivanting. Regardless, both gentlemen were AWOL for both Saturday and Sunday. What's a girl supposed to do?

Pine away from loneliness? Bury our sorrows with either alcohol or chocolate?

Well, not exactly. [Although we did miss you] [And we did eat chocolate].

First up, lunch at
Pallino, then several hours at Paint the Town.

We agonized over pots, colors and designs. I finally settled on a honey pot and Megan did a mug and a plate. I've officially decided that, were I a millionaire, I'd spend my entire life in that store. It was that fun.

Afterwards, we made a mandatory stop at Trophy Cupcakes [That would be the chocolate part of our lonely pining]. I also tried to eat the green leaf on my mint chocolate chip cupcake. For future reference, THOSE ARE NOT EDIBLE. The cake and frosting parts were excellent, though. Thus fortified, we headed off for the spa part of our Girls Day Out. Because all such excursions should include a pampering element, right? 

It it likely, however, that manufacturing spa products was probably not what they had in mind when they coined that phrase. Fortunately Megan was game for some cosmetic chemistry experiments. She's a fellow lip gloss addict.
And boy were we productive. About 30 tubes in all. Megan and I joked that we're going to have  moisturized lips for decades

We've deemed the lemon, citrus, and orange flavors to be a success. We're still perfecting the vanilla recipe and hope to have that in production shortly. 

All in all, quite a successful day. 

We decided that the boys should have a day of golf and a few rounds at the shooting range. You know, male bonding activities. As for us, we've got massages and pedicures lined up. A real day at the spa.