Monday, April 12, 2010



Would you ever blow up a beloved photo of [insert: kids, wedding, pets etc] and hang it on your wall? Or turn it into wall paper?

Like this?
See here for more examples. Apartment Therapy wants to know. So do I. 

I'm not gonna lie...I kinda like it. It's different. 

Not diggin the pink chair/lamp/pillow, though. 


  1. No. I think it looks tacky and dated after a while, and personally I think giant people on the wall would be kinda creepy. Nice paint and pictures in frames is my style.

  2. I could maybe see a cool nature/travel picture blown up in an office, but something about putting pics of people on the wall kind of wigs me out. :)

  3. Oh, I like the non-person idea. That is an excellent thought.

    Yeah, I'm not sure I'm too keen on the people photos but I do really like large-scale photos. The bigger, the better, in my book. But it would have to be done carefully.

    I like these photos too:

    The two baby photos are large (yay!) and they also clearly go together.

  4. I like the baby photo idea a lot more.

    I have a nail salon that I go to that has a giant scenic picture on one wall...and it still just looks overwhelming. For me it would be hard to spend the money on that and then put it up and not be happy with it, ya know?

    But, it also doesn't go with my decorating scheme so I'm biased I guess. :) It would have to be pulled off perfectly I think for it to work. Like everything in the room be of neutral coloring, the wall portrait in neutral coloring, and then one pop of color throughout the room.

  5. I don't think I would turn a picture into wallpaper but a nice nature photo blown up would be awesome. It has to be the right picture for the space. And thankfully with a picture you can change it when you want to unlike wallpaper.