Friday, May 14, 2010

Barclay Lake (Near Baring, WA)

My, how I really missed proper forests and lakes while living in Southern California. 

Big trees, meandering streams, fuzzy moss, gorgeous lakes. Can't get enough of 'em. 

My mom and I went on a lovely hike yesterday up to Barclay Lake. It was stunning.

Given the warm temperatures, we sat lakeside and watched several mini-avalanches zoom down the side of Mount Baring.

It's a easy hike: a generally level 4.4 mile round trip stroll through old growth forest alongside a meandering stream. 

Everybody wanted mom's lunch. 
Bailey was is heaven. 

He's also back in training for the summer hiking season: I stuffed his backpack full of rocks. Unfortunately,  the extra weight didn't seem to slow him down much. It gave him more mass to throw around when he went charging past on the trail, right at knee level. He also tried to climb a tree after (the above pictured) chipmunk.

He failed. Big time. 

But he thought the swimming opportunities were excellent.

Although I'm still puzzled as to why he decided to shake off his extra water while still in the lake. Dopey dog. 

Mt. Baring rises immediately above the lake. Quite the imposing facade. 

 Skunk cabbage flower. Which don't really smell like skunks, in my opinion. For those of you that have had encounters with those little black-stripped mammals, you'll know that skunks smell much, MUCH worse.  

 I made the mistake of thinking what would happen if this rotted tree decided to fall over while I was taking a peek inside. I vacated the area quickly. 
 Oh happy dog. 

Here's a map to the area. Be sure to check the Washington Trail Association’s Barclay Lake page for current trail conditions and detailed directions. It also helps to arrive early as the parking lot is small and can fill up quickly.

Forest passes can be obtained (daily or for the year) at the Baring General Store, near the turn-off of Highway 2. Also, don’t forget to stop at Zeke’s Burgers outside of Gold Bar on the way home for dinner - my favorite is the buffalo burger!