Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Latest Furniture Project

I'm hard at work on our latest project. This time I have repurposed the old swinging door from the kitchen. It is a beautiful door, solid wood with good lines. That sucker is heavy. 
I'm also branching out a bit: experimenting with crown molding and various bits of trim. There have been a few errors along the way: Like my non-matching crown molding pieces. Whoops. Thank god for caulk. 
I'm currently in the primer painting stage so it might be a few days before we're finished. At this point, I'm just hoping that I'll be able to fit it up the staircase and into the bedroom. 

This has been fun. I'm no longer feeling quite so intimidated by the macho power tools and the finished products are looking halfway decent. Of course all the nicks and wobbly cuts are glaringly obvious to me but hopefully they won't be noticed when each piece is settled within the room. 

As for the next project, I'm thinking something big. Like a bookcase. Or a dining room table!


  1. Marcilla6:39 PM

    Way to go! Is this your new headboard? I want pick your brain on moulding, as I have a couple projects I want to try.

  2. Wow, this is such a dreamy project. I have all sorts of ideas for furniture that I want to repurpose or refinish. I really want to apply a high-gloss hot pink or red paint to some of my furniture to give it a little more interest and modernity...I definitely am intimidated by all of the tools and techniques involved though (even though I took some construction classes in grad school!). Do you have any good suggestions/resources---how did you get started, and what do you think some of the most necessary tools were for wood working projects?

  3. Just looked further into your archives...Awesome! Some really cool remodeling projects----I definitely want to pick your brain and become a self-taught construction expert too :)

  4. Marcilla, let's talk! I love talking this kind of stuff. I was wide awake at 5:45 this morning contemplating paint colors for the headboard.

    Em, I am by NO means a construction expert but I have to say, it's been so much fun. And so liberating. I used to be limited strictly to non-power tools and would have to wait for Chris to do the 'power' work. Not anymore. Although he still gets a bit wild-eyed whenever I head down to the garage. :)

    There are a few tools that I've found to be the most helpful with the building projects. A circular/table saw is the most important (and the scariest and hardest to use, in my opinion). I've got some pretty crooked cuts but I think it just takes lots of practice to get perfect lines. I've also been using a chop saw for things like 2x4s but you could definitely make do a circular saw. And then a drill is also essential.
    I like the battery one only because I'm prone to tripping over extension cords. Add a tape measure, a builder's square (a big one), and a sketch pad, and you're good to go!

    I read a blog called Knock Off Wood ( that has many ideas and plans; it's a good place to find inspiration. For the headboard, I printed off pictures of similar headboards from the web and then built my trim pieces around the door. It was actually easier than I thought.

    I've also been using spray paint which is really easy (but not very cost efficient for large projects). It's amazing how many colors are available. That might be the easiest way to add color to your pieces. I've been spraypainting things like crazy: just did a few old lanterns that I'm going to pop some candles into to match the headboard.

    So for the headboard I did spraypainted primer and then I took my bedding into home depot and they color matched the paint (which I will now be painting on this morning). We'll see how it goes!