Thursday, May 20, 2010



The theme for the coming months in the J Household is:

A Pacific Northwest Summer.

Instead of being our normal lazy selves on the weekends (have I told you about my legendary napping habit?), we're going to go forth! Be active. Be adventurous. Explore! Cheaply.

I know, this is not a new concept.

But we're not going for originality. Just a good time.

In fact, we've already dipped our toes into this impulsive, mostly-local adventuring with our Olympics trip in Vancouver BC and the  WA Coast Trip to Chinook and Grayland Beach. And our non-local trip to NorCal.

Next up is a weekend trip to Victoria. We're looking forward to exploring the city, watching some sailing, and sipping tea at the Fairmont Empress. Or maybe just settling for a beer at a pub. We're not sure yet.

A few other additional activities that we're tossing around for the summer include:

Exploring Mt St. Helens (I've never been, in all the years that I've lived in WA).
Soaking in a tub at Goldmeyer Hot Springs.
Camping at Cape Alava in the Olympic National Park. Maybe tackling Hurricane Ridge, as well.
Backpacking. More than once. Maybe in Spider Meadow?

Other not-so-local adventures that will have to wait a few years are:

Bear-watching in Alaska
Yellowstone exploring
Springtime in Death Valley
Mountain biking or trekking in Moab/Arches National Park
Sierra Nevada Mountains (specifically, the Sierra Club Lodge outside of Truckee, CA)
Grand Canyon (To the bottom! And then back up!)

And, of course, between this adventurous exploring, we'll be attempting to complete loads o' house stuff. Fun activities like mowing the lawn, painting the kitchen, and chasing chickens. Can't wait.

What are your favorite local activities?


  1. What about visiting Eugene?

  2. I grew up near Death Valley. If you're going to explore the High Sierras do the EASTERN side when you go! Bishop Ca...representin' heehee
    We're in North Idaho. Coeur d' Alene is especially lovely too.

  3. Excellent ideas, thank you Jessika and Stephanie! I've heard some lovely things about Eugene (bike friendly, great farmers markets); anything that I should add to the list in terms of activities?

    As for Bishop, I've been dreaming about that area for ages...Owens Valley, Kings Canyon, I can't wait..

  4. Hahahahahhaa... Oregon Country Fair ;) That'll be an eye-opening Eugene experience.

  5. Ha! Not too likely. The one (and only) time I went there (Our freshman year of college), a guy got stuck upsidedown (and 40 feet up) in the zipper ride for three hours. It was enough to make me swear off fair rides for a loooong time. :)

  6. Wait! I promise it's even better than what you're thinking. Despite it's misleading title... Oregon Country Fair is actually this huge alternative/hippie festival. Check this link [ ] and make sure to check out the photo galleries. It's insane. But sort of a cool/random experience. (As long as you come prepared to have a VERY open mind). ;)

  7. I've been to Death Valley and Joshua Tree in May and it was lovely. Death Valley was already starting to reach temps in the higher 80's and 90's then too. The wildflowers were beautiful.
    Don't forget there are tons of places to hike and explore in the N. Cascades. I used to go on a canoe trip every summer on Ross Lake up there. I highly recomend it!

  8. Linds,

    You are totally right, I was thinking Marion County Fair (probably the polar opposite of your's). Probably so much better than the standard fair offerings. :)

  9. Jenn! I loved Joshua Tree, so freakin HOT though.

    Where in the North Cascades have you been? We would love to do more hiking up there!

  10. I've always wanted to have tea at the Empress - how lovely! :) I grew up in the shadow of Mt. St. Helens, if there's anything I can help you with. My sister and I climbed it about 10 years ago and it's a doable climb, with an incredible view. I would highly recommend it.
    And Neil says that, although it's not new, you should plan a trip to San Francisco, so we can get together! :) Happy travels, I'm jealous of all your wonderful trips!

  11. Yes, Steph! I will be calling you about Mt Saint Helens shortly. Because we could use the inside scoop.