Friday, June 04, 2010

The Chicken Coop - Cedar Siding Update

Progress on the coop is marching right along. We finished the chicken run side (to the far right in this photo) and are almost done with the front and remaining side. The back still needs to be completed. We're into the tricky part on the front: fitting the shingles around the rafters at the very top. It's proving to be a time-consuming task. 


  1. Holy crap! That looks amazing! I can't believe you guys did all that yourselves....quite impressive :)

    -- linds

  2. It looks REALLY great!

  3. Time for some before and after pics!

  4. Awesome Sonja! It looks great. From what I've gathered, the chickens have a small portion of inside the coop - is the rest shed/storage? Now that we have our own chickens, I find myself fascinated with chicken coops & all the different designs. Never thought I'd say that! :) Our coop is definitely not permanent nor designed to look really nice, but we also don't plan on staying in this house forever & figured a less permanent solution would be better for the time being - we didn't want to build something extravagant, only to find ourselves moving in a year or two.

    Liking what you've done...I'm filing away inspiration for future coops. :)

  5. Thanks y'all!

    Yep, the girls have about a 3x10' space on the far right that is screened in. The rest is garden storage. Well, eventually there will be room for garden stuff. Currently it's occupied by stacks of shingles that still need to make their way onto the exterior [we still have the back to do]. Each shingle also is fastened onto the shed with two nails, we have have several thousand nails poking through the shed walls; a definite hazard. We'll be putting up drywall or plywood on the interior immediately following the shingle work. :)