Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Celebrity Entrance

Here are a few more photos from the bee hive last week. I was thinking of strolling over there and taking a peek inside today but the weather (for the first time in a week or two) is overcast. 

It is sweet relief. 

Our bee boxes are old. One of the upper supers has a knothole that the ladies have been using as a second entrance. 

It's still a bit of tight fit, especially since they've posted guard bees at the entrance. 
 It was the guards that chased me off. They don't like mammals taking an avid interest in their hive, evidently. 
 But I had a few seconds to snaps these before I vacated the area. 


  1. Man...I wish I could get nice close ups like those. Not that I have any reason to take a close up like that, but I wish I could. Your pictures are really turning out great!

  2. Thanks Amanda!

    I'm really enjoying messing around with various camera stuff...need to buckle down and take a formal class.