Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Documentation

Isn't this a neat idea?

Take one photo of your baby - every week - for the first year. This family dressed their baby girl in a plain white onsie and added the weekly notation via photoshop. See their full how-to post here

I wonder if we could do something similar for Baby J...

Maybe not on a weekly basis though. Perhaps monthly?

All photos: Young House Love


  1. making it Lovely does a monthly post. It's pretty cute; the daughter wears a button with the month number on it. I like the weekly idea, but I think I'd too easily forget. Monthly may be better odds.

  2. We did it monthly with Gabriel. On the same spot on the couch every time with a little sign. I think weekly would be too wouldn't see the changes as much. Where as monthly it's amazing to see how much they change and grow in one month.

    You can see Gabriel's all together on my Facebook. :) We will do the same (or similar) for Lorelai.

  3. You can use iron on transfers to create your own numbered months and iron onto your own onesies! Wish this posting came up when Henry was first born.

  4. I love the idea! I tried a similar idea only with a video camera when Megan was a baby but with two big brothers it quickly turned into sort of a circus and it became a very short tape!