Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A friend of mine is getting married in a few months and her sister and a gal pal hosted a bachelorette weekend at a cabin on Vashon Island. It was a stunning location.

Beyond beautiful.

It was also a great group of gals and it wasn't the type of party that I had to worry about being the only one not partaking in alcoholic beverages. Definitely a laid-back, relaxing weekend.

Have I mentioned that the house is literally 20 feet from the water? And that there were kayaks? I told Chris we needed to move. Stat. 

The first afternoon we kayaked down the Sound, saw several dinner plate-sized jelly fish, lots of kelp floats, and a gorgeous sea-side wedding. The party guests didn't seem to mind that four kayakers were peering in on the festivities. They gave lots of friendly waves and jolly shouts. Hooray for open bar nuptials. 

Later it was back to the cabin for a scrumptious dinner, games, and gossip. 

I slept like a log. Well, until Pixie, the host's sweet pup, clambered into my bed at 2 AM. Have I told you how blind I am without my contacts? I woke up to find a furry muzzle and dog breath about two inches from my nose. She put off heat like a radiator though so she was a welcome addition. 

Back at home, Chris was proving to be quite industrious. He and Eric put up wall sheathing in the garden shed (pictures to come later), wired the downstairs computer, fixed the picture problem, and trimmed back the ever-expanding holly bush. Yay husband!