Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Your hard drive crashed? Well, duh.

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for the lack of picture posts lately, we were working through some major photo problems. Actually, that's not quite true: Chris was saddled with sorting out the picture storage issues. We tried guessing at the number of photos we had stored on the computer. My estimate was 10,000.

Not even close:


Oops. Somebody has been a little snap happy.

But we're now back online.

Happy day.

I've got pictures from a bachelorette party (last weekend) and canning (from the week before).

But let's start with the events that are happening right now, shall we? Especially since I've been listening to the damn loader since 7 AM:

 We went from a lovely treed lot to a property with slightly fewer trees:
 To significantly fewer trees:
 To a sad patch o' dirt.

And a prime view of our neighbors' house.

They're the ones that sold the lot to the developer. I hope that loader sounds even louder in your house, Buddy.

The one good thing about them speeding along at full tilt is that hopefully, come February, they'll have most of the structure framed and things will have quieted down a bit as they move inside.

It's got to be at least three stories, if they want to take advantage of the lake view. Since the lot is so narrow, I think it's a given that it'll be huge. We'll see.

We're mostly resigned to having a giant, towering casa hulking over the back yard.

Sort of.