Monday, September 20, 2010

Let the Mayhem Commence

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We're in the middle of planning a full scale kitchen renovation.

ho boy is it stressful.

I've watched from a distance as family members have gone through this process and utterly failed to recognize the tremendous amount of agonizing thought and planning that goes into kitchen design. Does the dishwasher door bang into the fridge door when open? Is the silverware close at hand? Are there enough drawers for the pots and pans? Where will the trivets go? 

The considerations are endless.  

I have a few goals for this kitchen:

-Provide an area where folks can grab a stool and converse with the cook. Our current kitchen is a very challenging shape: long and narrow. It's a galley kitchen. This means that it has great storage and long counters but if Chris wants to come talk with me when I'm cooking dinner then he has to prop himself against a counter and I have to work around him. An entertainer's kitchen it ain't. 

-Clear all items from the counter, with the exception of the knife block, fruit bowl, and toaster. One can dream, right? This will never be a reality. But I would like to work on moving stuff off the counters and behind doors and into drawers.  

-Have a kitchen that is easy to clean. This means slick surfaces on cabinets and backsplashes, an undermount sink, a garbage disposal, and a dishwasher that is convenient to unload. 

This project has exploded from a sweet little remodel (think: installing new flooring and painting our old cabinets) into a Beast. New cabinets, new lighting systems, removal of walls, new appliances. The list goes on and on...and yet our budget hasn't increased in proportion to our ideas.   Such is life, right? 

We'll keep you posted on how it goes!