Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Jeez, I always miss the good stuff

This has been a great week for Bailey.

Not only did he have an encounter with a black bear on Saturday but this afternoon at my mom and dad's house a deer spent some time wandering through the yard and wading in the pond. Within Seattle City limits! We have urban wildlife, people!

This was the second deer sighting in the neighborhood this summer. I wish something like that would trundle through our yard. Actually, I'd prefer that a coyote set up shop nearby and take care of a certain chicken-terrorizing feline...

Oh. That was mean.

But still partially true. I love my chickens.

I told mom that her track record for photographing Bailey's encounters with wildlife was lousy. But I have a feeling that the bear event took everybody (including both the bear and Bailey) by surprise. Also, their house is torn asunder due to an extensive remodel so locating the camera was probably easier said than done.

Next time... we want photographic proof!