Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Living Chicken Coop Roof

A while back Eric hauled over to our house this pot of succulents.

Christmas! In September!
Megan and I jumped up on the roof for a little planting session and today, a month later, I'm proud to report that our little guys are thriving. We haven't killed them yet.


I really hope they make it through the winter because I'd love to have the roof covered in a carpet of this spiky goodness.

 In other good news, the fern that we planted at the edge of the roof in the beginning of summer has come back from the dead. I was worried about it, as it'd expired immediately upon planting.

This was depressing, especially since I'd stolen it from my mom's roof.

But mom graciously assured me that it was reappear, come the cooler weather of Fall. And presto! It's back!

Thirty years of gardening and she has evidently picked up a few morsels of plant-related wisdom. There will be no more second-guessing of the expert from this gardening newbie.