Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby J update: the Christmas Version

 Holy Frijole! We’re closing in on ONE MONTH TO GO. Which is probably why I got up at 4 this morning with every intention of painting the trim in Baby J’s room. But then I decided that a 30 minute shower sounded infinitely better. Really, Baby J isn’t going to notice his unpainted trim, right? We just need to buy a crib and call it good.

On a related note, doesn’t Bailey look dashing in his Christmas ribbon? I think we got it one year as part of a wreath but now it’s become a staple of his wardrobe, come the holiday season. See him modeling this same outfit in 2007.

Photo: The ever-talented Alex . Or, as I’ve started calling her: our personal photographer.

One more thing: This picture was taken at Matthew’s Beach, our local park. MB also happens to be the site were thousands of crazy folk will jump into the lake tomorrow for the annual Polar Bear Plunge. Anyone planning on joining them? We might stroll down to check out the action but I think we’ll refrain from actually participating. Maybe next year.


  1. You look beautiful! :) I'm so jealous of how high you are carrying. I always carried low both times.

    Can't believe it's almost a month to the due date!!!

  2. Haha, isn’t that funny, you always want what you can’t have. I’ve been complaining to Chris these last few days that I can’t wait until the baby drops and leaves my aching ribs alone!

  3. Well, then I will warn you...hip pain, lower back pain like you wouldn't believe, and feeling like the baby is going to fall out of your va-jay-jay at any moment all day long. Oh, and both of my kids had this knack for kicking me in the tailbone which sent a shooting pain up my back. Sciatic nerve issues...and oh yeah...they can still reach your ribs and lungs. lol

    But, maybe you'll drop and that baby will just keep on dropping! ;) Fingers crossed for you for an "early" arrival!!!!!!

  4. Love this pic!

    -- linds