Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rant and Rave

I think I’ve told you before how much I enjoy reading the Seattle Times’ weekend Rant & Rave column? Yes?

The premise is simple: readers write in to celebrate an act of kindness (the return of a lost wallet, a kind word on a depressing day, etc) or complain about an offensive event (dog poo left in the front yard, the guy that took your parking spot, etc).

Today you are getting a slightly more personalized version.

Happy events in Sonjaland (aka Raves):

  • To the Group Health nurse that patiently listened to my complaints about lower back pain and promptly approved me for free massages. Hallelujah! There is a special place in heaven reserved for you. 
  • To Chris last night when he told me I was the cutest pregnant lady he’d ever seen. 
  • To the dad-to-be on Tuesday night that asked the castrol motor oil question. It was such an easy mistake to make and I smile every time I think about it. 
And most importantly:
  • To my sisters-in-law, mother-in-law, mom, friends, and family that came together last week for my baby shower. I am so very, very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

This week’s Rants are as follows:
  • To the woman in the doctor’s office today who told me that my reproductive timing was off. I should have had the baby before the end of the year in order to collect the tax exemption. Lady, if I’m worried about saving a few thousand bucks on my taxes, then having a baby is probably not the best money-saving strategy. As I’ve mentioned previously: kiddos ain’t cheap. Not appreciated, Ma’am. 
  • To the person that hit Pepe the Prius with a car or shopping cart, wounding him terribly. I hope somebody puts a giant dent in you too. Call it Car Karma, if you will. 
  • To not being able to partake in this recipe for Cranberry Pomegranate Sorbet. The suggested substation of white grape juice for the champagne seems like a lousy substitute, in this pregnant lady’s mind.