Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunting

My Dears,

Yesterday we went a-hunting for a Christmas tree. It was quite the adventure, mostly because the roads were as slick as an iced slip and slide. Good thing we had four Alaskans in the car. Even the one-handed gimp was better at navigating in snow than this two-handed Seattllite. 

 And, thankfully, we had chains. And a two-handed Eric to attach them. 
 Remember that I told you that Chris can’t tie his shoes very well with the cast on? Well, I can’t bend over and I wasn’t thrilled about sitting down on the ice to help him out. Good thing he has such sweet sisters!
 Ready for tree hunting!

 First up: Megan’s Tree. 
 We found one! Cut it down, Eric!
 A man and his faithful (and ecstatically happy, playful) pup. Bailey was so thrilled to be out in the snow. Nevermind that he can’t walk much today. 
 Snowball fight. 
 I dragged the entire crew over miles of trails in search of the perfect tree. 
 Perfect is a relative term. Charlie Brown would be proud of our little beauty. 

Megan and her tree.

Here’s the skinny on where we went: Last year we met up with my Uncle Bill and Jesse and found some great trees on the Olympic Peninsula. This year we needed to find something a bit closer to home so we picked up our tree permits from the Forest Service booth at the downtown REI and headed east on I-90 to Exit 47 (a bit past North Bend). We hooked up with FSR5510. It was pretty busy, icy, and fairly well picked over. Not a surprise, given its proximity to Seattle. 

But hey! We now have a tree! And the car (and its occupants) arrived home in one piece. Mission Accomplished.