Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pre-Christmas Activities

A few updates:

Last night Megan, Eric, and Alex made us dinner (and washed the dishes).  Chris, Bailey, and I vegged in the living room. It was heavenly. The perfect end to a rather hectic day week.

Later, we played that random flashcard game I learned at Joy’s bachelorette party. I wasn’t making it up, everyone agreed that it is truly fun to play. I just wish that it wasn’t so darn hard to explain.

There is so much stuff that I want to sew! Including this sweet owl. But I’ve got no time. That awesome camera strap I was going to make? Yep, never got it started. And the fabric for my curtains has been sitting in the drawer. Vegging. Maybe after Christmas…

WHich is what I wish I could do with my Christmas cards this year. Perhaps I could label them as New Year’s cards? They’re still sitting in the box they arrived in. Not written, labeled, or stamped. This just wasn’t my week, I’m telling you.

Last but not least:

My mom had a fairly major surgery on Monday. After a few initial bobbles, she is home from the hospital and doing well. It’s funny, but I tend to forget that my small and delicate madre has a core of steel. After 30 years I should know that she has strength, determination, and gumption in spades.. but it always takes me pleasantly by surprise. I usually think of my mother as someone that is always there for me: she’s comforting and supportive, and a wonderful mother. To see this other side of her: focused, determined, and zeroed in on a complete recovery…Well, I was so proud of her. I am lucky to have her as my mom.


  1. Ah! I'm sorry to hear that your mom needed to go in for a significant surgery, but I'm really happy to hear that she's recovering well!

    Also happy to hear that people were around to cook and do dishes and give you a night off!

    So...our Canadian friends introduced us to that game that you're talking about it... and they called it "Picture Telephone" in case you like that name and you'd like to adopt it! :)

    -- linds

  2. Glad to hear your mom's on the mend. :) And that you got some relaxation. You'll get to the sewing. Remind yourself that nothing is urgent, and prioritize your crafts. I had a running list of crafts in order of importance my entire pregnancy with a due date for everything so it got accomplished in time for L's arrival. :)

  3. Yes, she is doing so well! Her new hip is fantastic. We are pleased as punch that she’s up and about.

    The Canadians call it Picture Telephone, eh? I like it! I guess the company that created Cranium has a board game version: they call is Scribblish.