Friday, December 03, 2010

Mexico 2010

For Thanksgiving this year we headed south with my parents to a tiny town in Mexico called Sayulita, which is about 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallerta in the province of Nayarit. 

Sayulita is a bustling ex-pat community known for its surf break on the main beach. The ability to speak spanish is certainly not a requirement…which was good since my spanish is just about nonexistent at this point. 

 Our good family friend Laurie owns a sweet little casa called La Joyita [little jewel] on the edge of town. 

Click here to visit the website and plan your next adventure! 

 The house is about a block from the beach and we’d frequently head down for some lounging, sunning, and swimming. 

For some reason, I have loved being in water throughout this entire pregnancy. It is so calming and relaxing. And I feel lightweight again, which is always nice.

We read a lot on this trip. About a book a day.

In fact, besides an occasional jaunt into town for supplies and a fancy meal out, a few hikes through the hills and along some deserted beaches, and bird and butterfly watching from the front porch, we actually didn’t do a whole lot. A bit unusual for us, but seemed to work fairly well this time around. 

 Our end of the beach was pretty quiet. There may have been more horses and dogs than people, frankly. 

Beer + beach + book = happy campers.

We spent our last day in Puerto Vallerta and the four of us agreed that it was just about the perfect amount of time. Compared to our little village further north, PV was a busy, touristy city teeming with people and cars. 

They had some cool sand sculptures though. 

 And some neat waterfront art work. 

 Mom and dad were on a mission for pottery. Chris and I discovered [yet another] crazy mask but then decided that our house would start looking a little creepy if we kept adding to the collection with such gusto. In the end, we found a little stuffed animal for Baby J and decided to call it a day.

I do love the pottery though. Gorgeous. 

All in all, [and with the exception of Chris’ broken hand], it was a good trip. And, as always, it’s nice to come home. Nothing compares to one’s own comfy bed.

Pictures of birds, butterflies, and bugs to follow at a later date.