Thursday, December 02, 2010

Photo O' the Day: Unwanted House Guest

Scorpions are a fact of life in many tropical climates.  Much like snakes, biting flies, and cockroaches, they tend to wear out their welcome in fairly short order when they presume to occupy abodes. We had two scorpion encounters. This one had taken up residence in mom and dad’s bedroom. We popped him in the freezer as it seemed like a fairly humane death. We used ‘scorpion spray’ on the other one and that unfortunate soul thrashed around for quite a while before expiring. 

At least we assume he expired; one of his death throes took him on a wild ride down the sink and we never saw him again. Regardless, the frozen specimen was subsequently re-thawed and proper documentation of the dangerous beastie was conducted before he was unceremoniously chucked off the porch.