Thursday, December 02, 2010

This Week

Random musings:

  • Chris and I had our first baby class this week. I think it’ll be great and I’m excited to meet lots of first-time parents-to-be. I’d guess that every single person in the class is between the ages of 29 and 32, with the exception of one ‘young’ couple in the vicinity of 26ish. Crazy, huh? The first class was a little stiff but hopefully everyone will loosen up a bit by next week. I’ve already been practicing my breathing exercises.
  • We just got invited to a wedding in India. How COOL is that? I was all ready to go…until I noticed that the event was scheduled for December 31st. Major bummer. Sorry Baby J, but we’re staying put for the next few months. 
  • I finally got around to submitting my holiday card order. It didn’t happen before Mexico, a fact that doesn’t surprise me too terribly much, given my 29 year track record of general tardiness. The overall design is not super creative or funny but the picture is one of my very favorites. I promise to produce something more inspired next year. Maybe santa hats for the entire menagerie? 
  • Chris is coping really well with his spiffy new cast, although there has been a wee bit of grumbling about gadgets in this country favoring folks that have the use of both hands. I ventured that this was probably not too surprising, given the rather small percentage of people that are limited to one upper appendage. Showers and tying of shoe laces have so far been the biggest challenges. I’ll post pictures shortly. [of the cast, not of the showering or shoe lacing episodes]
  • We went to a husky basketball game a few days before we left for Mexico.  I need to purchase a purple Husky shirt. Desperately. Megan lent me one a while back but I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t want her clothes to be stretched to 7 month-pregnant-lady proportions. 

  • I finally got started on a baby registry. Again, a huge, gigantic thank you to all the folks out there that contributed advice and suggestions. You are fantastically wonderful people. I decided to go with Amazon’s Universal Registry, and I’m crossing my fingers that it will pan out. One feature I really liked is the ability to add items from any website, including Etsy. 

  • I started to go through our Mexico pictures last night. Frankly, I didn’t take an excessive number of photos as shots of people laying on the beach tend to get rather boring after a while. There were some amazing butterflies that I managed to snap a few pics of and I’ll post those later. In the meantime, check this dude out:

What you can’t tell is that he has brilliantly scarlet wings that are exposed during flight. So dang cool.

Right-o, that should do it for me. I’m off to go bake a turkey. Not because I want to recreate Thanksgiving dinner but because I love, love, love leftover thanksgiving turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce on thick wheat bread. Heavenly.