Friday, January 07, 2011

Let’s Go Here


The NY Times just posted 41 places to travel to in 2011 and a few are here in the Pacific Northwest. Click here for the article.

Or click here for the LA Times’ Bizarre and Unusual Destinations. 

Where are you going in 2011? Any places that you’re just itching to explore?



  1. Hahaha.. where are we NOT itching to travel!?!?!

    My top "reach" destinations are:

    1) Croatia/Slovenia
    2) Istanbul
    3) Vietnam
    3) Egypt/Jordan
    4) Colombia
    5) Chile/Argentina

    And slightly less glamorous, but equally cool destinations that we hope to hit up over the next year are:

    (1) Banff
    (2) Las Vegas
    (3) Crater Lake

    I would also love to go see the Grand Canyon at some point. And I'd love to take D to see Venice before it's permanently underwater.

    Hope you both are doing well,

    -- linds

  2. Oh, we are so with you on that one. Too many places, no time/money. :)

    I have heard such amazing things about Croatia - both my mom and MIL having been talking about going for ages.

    I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, either! Seems like one of those ‘most go’ places for Americans...