Monday, January 10, 2011


Do you have things that you covet but can never quite bring yourself to purchase?

Mine tend to be kitchen gadgets and gizmos.

Here is a prime example:

 When my mother-in-law’s sweet parents passed away in 2004 we inherited this lovely glass cake cover. Unfortunately, I never had a cake stand that could accommodate the large size and thus our cakes were always awkwardly perched upon a plate, with the entire kitandcaboodle engulfed by the glass cover. Not so pretty.

And I thought about it every time we had a special event that required a fancy dessert. What’s the point of going to all the trouble of making a splendid confection if you can’t present it with a grand flourish? [Well, besides enjoying said delectable item]

So I bit the bullet and bought this plain white cake stand from Pottery Barn with a few gift cards that I had been hoarding.

Problem solved. Fancy desert, fancy [but not fussy] presentation.

The only problem with coveting things is that once you have something in your possession, you naturally turn your attention to wanting other things. Like the fact that my lovely cake stand comes in a smaller size…perfect as a cheese plate!

oy vey.


  1. this is funny Sonja. I have a lovely glass cake cover and I never use it because it is so freakn BIG! I do however use my awesome plastic cake tote I bought from Target all the time! Not to mention it is easy to take desserts places with it too.

  2. Cake stands and covers have always been an issue for me. I tend to break either the top or the bottom, and then can't let go of the intact piece because you just KNOW your going to find a use for it.... :)

  3. Dude...I am in DESPERATE need of a glass cake cover! I only have the stand.

  4. Anonymous6:46 PM

    I just try to congratulate myself for realizing I don't need the various examples of crap that appear in catelogs and stores. It doesn't work nearly as much as I'd like. When that fails, procrastination sometimes helps. If you wait long enough, it's sold out. If you wait long enough, sometimes you don't want it anymore. It's a neverending battle.
    (sigh) Mom