Friday, March 04, 2011

Technology for the technologically inept (aka Me)


The new iPad drops next Friday! We're not buying one but we know a few folks that are pondering a purchase. "coming over for dinner? Lovely. No need to bring anything, we've got plenty. Well, except maybe your iPad. We'd like to ogle it for a while".

I'll freely admit that I scoffed last year when Chris and Eric started singing its praises. Who needs a jumbo iphone with a name like a sanitary napkin?

Until we got one.

And while I loved it before the baby was born, it's probably single-handedly responsible for saving my sanity during the middle of the night nursing sessions.

Yes, it's @$&!$& expensive. There is no getting around that fact.

But for someone of my generation, it's my most highly recommended item for new moms, right behind a comfy nursing chair.

A crib? Those are nice to have too, I suppose. ;)


  1. Oh I totally scoffed too when they first came out - I couldn't figure out what it was - not a phone, not a laptop, what is the point? I recently got one, instead of a laptop, and now I love it more than anything. Oh and Benjamin is adorable!! :)

  2. I want one so bad... However I think that Todd is going to get his PS3 first... Men and their toys. The new one works as a phone and a camera, doesn't it?