Friday, March 04, 2011

Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed

Ladies and gentlemen,

May I present, for your inspection, last night's nursing times:

9:30pm 3/4 hr
2:20am 1/2 hr
6:00am 1 hr
8:30am 3/4 hr
11:15am (on-going)

Do you see that?! There is a critical (and desperately appreciated) block of uninterrupted sleep that lasted from approximately 10:15 pm to 2:20 am.

This has never happened before. It's groundbreaking. I'm almost afraid to mention it lest it never happen again.


Break out the full Mormon Tabernacle Choir, folks, cause we need some Hallelujahs up in here!!


[on a random side note: take a gander at how much fuzz is covering this child {in the above picture}. At first I thought his sideburns extended all the way to his eyebrows but then realized it was just a crease in the face fat chub].