Thursday, March 03, 2011

What do you call that kid?

Nicknames are funny things.

Besides accidentally calling the kid ‘Bailey' a few times (we've even told him what a 'good dog' he is... Oops), Benjamin has picked up a whole host of alternate names.

Some of them are quite rational:

Some of them come from my family, particularly my Uncle Bill:

Wiggle worm
Kimosabe (which I think is from my mom)

And then some are just downright random:
Little Package (say what? I have no idea where I got this. Maybe because he's just a cute little bundle?)
Goober - poor guy, this is a lot like booger.
Little Sparrow - probably fro his nursing 'beak'

What names do you have for your child or pet?


  1. Goober is another name for peanut - I have heard both of those names used often for babies!


  2. I'd back off of "Little Package." You'll give that boy a complex. ;)

    We call G Munchkin, Buddy, Bud.
    We call L Bug, Sweetie, Cutie Pie.

  3. Amanda Wingard-Phillips7:26 AM

    My niece Petra gets mainly Sweet Pea and Peanut. I also still refer to her as "the baby", even though she's now over two years old.

  4. Sam is the one who started calling Lucia, Cia. Isabel is Is or Isabellion. Sam is Samwise or Sam Sam. They are all pumpkin.
    Goober is a peanut and has come out of my mouth too. Accidently calling anyone in your family by another name of a family member or pet is so common!

  5. Well, we don't have kids. But we certainly have plenty of dogs. And they definitely get called all different names...

    Brewer is BrewCrew, Brewster, or Brownie.
    Guinness is Guinnie, G-Dog, or Big G.
    Guidget is Gidgie Girl, Little G, or Sweets.

    More often than not, they're also being called Dirty Monkeys (when they make a mess), S**t Head, or some other variation of an inappropriate word. Like when we came home to find an entire bag of brown sugar devoured, dried rice split open & spilled everywhere, & cous-cous strewn from the kitchen to the couches.