Thursday, April 14, 2011

If I’m ticked off, then I want you to be, too.

Can you spot the unhappy party here? Hint: it’s the one that is not contentedly snoozing in his carseat. 

Bailey went from having the entire back of the prius (with folded down seats, see photo below) to the small patch o’ space in the waaaay back.

Photo: Eric Seeb. Montana Trip, November 2010. 

Yo! Can’t you see that I don’t FIT back here?!

Thus far he has managed to show his displeasure with the situation by drooling all over the content baby. Which makes for two unhappy individuals. 

Bailey likes to share his misery, evidently. 


  1. Katherine J4:30 PM

    Am I seeing that a table also fits in the backseat of your prius?? It's a magic clown car, why wouldn't Bailey love it?? :)

  2. Yes! I like to have a place to put my cocktails when Chris is chauffeuring me around town.

    jk. That’s my craigslist find, which is now residing in the baby’s room. And is now a lovely avocado green. [it looks better than it sounds, I promise].