Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Happy Baby

Ugh. I hate my voice on video. It sounds like I’ve been sucking on helium balloons. Also, please ignore the fact that I said ‘mooses’. Better than ‘meece’, perhaps?


  1. I must admit that I did watch this video. And our Bailey Boy came bouncing over at hearing his name, knocking into me and almost sending the computer into the heater.

    Your moose fellow is quite the adorable guy!

  2. Oh good dog! That’s impressive that he’ll recognize his name via video.

    Congrats on your upcoming move, btw!! [and best of luck with the landlord]

  3. Hahaha, B has super cute cheeks...especially when he smiles!

    -- linds

  4. Benjamin has the MOST beautiful blue eyes ever. They're like blue marbles! Made me imagine myself basking in the warm sun, looking out at a Tahitian ocean. Do they make those moose jammies for adults? I want one!

  5. Thanks Cam! I know, I would love to have a pair of adult footed PJs!