Thursday, April 07, 2011

Letter to Baby

I had grand plans to write this letter before our baby was born. And when we found that that we were going to be induced, I decided that I’d write it after labor, on the day of his birth. Well, anyone who has had a baby or has been present for the birth of a wee babe will tell you that that was just about the dumbest idea ever. 

Suffice to say, the letter did not happen on Ben’s Birth Day. 

It’s a letter that I’ve written numerous times in my head but has always sounded too formal, sappy, or preachy on paper. 

But somehow yesterday it came together. And it’s probably a little sappy and preachy but I suppose that’s forgivable for first time parents. 

I talk about how much he means to us, our dreams for him, and how much we love him. Mostly, we want our baby to be happy and lead a fulfilling life. Isn’t that what every parent wants for their child? 
I have a few letters that my parents wrote to me for a high school retreat that were of a similar vein. I think many children know they are loved; they hear it frequently from their parents. But to see it in a letter, to picture your parents collecting their thoughts and putting the words to paper; that’s special too.  

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  1. I did that too. I wrote it on the night before G was born. Told him why we chose his name, how much he was already loved, and what we wished for him in life. I plan to give it to him when he graduates from college. I have yet to write L's. As her early arrival was a surprise I will write hers on her first birthday. Another special event in her life. Reflect on her first year, and tell her also how we chose her name and what we hope she finds in life.

    I will also be writing letters to them when they start school, and go through various important stages. Save them all up and give them to them in a box with their baby/growing up special items. (Treasure box.)

    My mom wrote me a letter the night before I got married, and had Marissa give to me the night I was married. It always makes me cry. It's so my mom and is the sweetest letter I have ever received. Those types of things are the BEST.