Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Photobook for Baby - Of Baby

I was talking to Megan (my sister-in-law) the other day and she mentioned how much she enjoyed looking through old photo albums from her childhood, and that of her siblings'. I was exactly the same way. It’s fun to haul out the old books and see yourself throughout the years: as a squalling baby, an inquisitive toddler, an adventurous child, and as a rather awkward teenager. At least that’s how it was for me!

 We’ll probably do an album for Benjamin after his first birthday but in the meantime here is a small book that I made of his first month. 

 We ‘read’ it together just about every day. Obviously, he doesn’t get a whole lot out of it at this point. But maybe in a while he might enjoy flipping through it occasionally. 
 The Book of Benjamin. 
We made this one with Shutterfly, who is offering 25% off photo books through April 13th [promo code: FZZD-9P9W-8BHN-25WFN4]. But if you miss it, not to worry: deals can be found frequently on the various photo printing sites.