Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The New House - Update

Remember the house that was being built in back of us? It’s done. 

And it’s…brown. 

Which I suppose is better than bright pink. Or lime green. 

It just went on the market last weekend so we’ll see how long it takes to sell. 

They had an open house last week so I took a few minutes to cruise through. They have lovely cherry built-ins and cabinetry. I would like to transfer their kitchen into my own. 


  1. I think the modern 2nd floor balcony is nice looking, but the side reminds me of some movie with a haunted house (I can't think of it right now...and it's not The Shining. The remake had Ryan Reynolds in it.). But, the all brown is kind of blah for me. Did they do that to make up for all of the pretty trees they cut down?

  2. That would be a big fat NO. ;)