Friday, May 27, 2011

Is this the best you could do?

My grandma called yesterday.


"Hi Nana"

"I just got this photo of Benjamin you sent me."

"oh, his birth announcement? I'm glad you like it"

[This was the second announcement we'd sent. She accused the staff of stealing the first one. I sent her multiple copies the second time around so that it'd take her longer to lose them]

"no, it's not an announcement, just a card with a picture of that baby Benjamin on either side. I would like the proper announcement though"

"Nana, that IS the announcement. we didn't do anything else"

"oh.. No, it can't be. It doesn't have any information on it like his birth date or weight on it"

"yeah it does. Look down near the bottom of the picture"

"oh. I didn't see that.....are you sure you didn't do a PROPER announcement?"

"no Nan.. I guess we didn't do a proper announcement"

"oh. That's too bad"

--end of scene--