Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nursery: Wall Decal Installation

It took a loooong while to install. 

Start by taping the entire decal up onto the wall, without peeling off the backing, to get a sense of the final placement. I shifted it a few times until I was satisfied that no parts of the tree were going to get pushed onto the ceiling or adjoining wall. 
It came in five pieces and I started with the very easiest one first: the bottom tree trunk. 
While the contact paper is still in place I used a nifty little gadget to rub the decal against the wall. A credit card would work fine as well. 
Then I peeled off the contact paper. 
And finally used a clean rag to give the decal one final rub so it would stick securely to the wall. 
Two down, three to go. 

At this point my arm was about ready to drop off. I should have picked a decal with fewer leaves. 

So close. 

And we are finished! Huzzah!