Saturday, May 28, 2011


My Lovelies,

Have you heard of the website Pinterest?

Basically it’s a site where you can collect various photos from around the web in one location. Planning a wedding? Tag all your ideas on one board. Redesigning your living room? Grab inspirational pictures and store them together.

Or, you can be a bit more random.

Here is my “Things to Do Before I Die” board:

Too morbid for you? Check out “All Things Baby”:

It takes a few days to get an invitation but it’s well worth it.

Fun, fun, fun!


  1. I would love it even more if it didn't freeze up on me quite so often. But still, a fabulous and fun way to pass the time and visually record inspiration from around the web.

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    can you invite me?
    ryanres1 at aol dot com
    : )