Thursday, May 05, 2011

No More Phone Books

Seattle Peeps -

I’m one of those people that promptly recycles my brand-spankin’ new phone books. They go directly from porch to bin. Why look in a phone book when you can look it up on the internet? I probably haven’t opened one in ten years.

So the prospect of opting out of the process completely was appealing. No wasted ink or paper, and the city doesn’t have to recycle ten pounds of unused phone book.

Win, win.

Starting today, Seattle residents can cancel this year’s phone books as well as any unwanted catalogs by going to this city-supported site: Catalog Choice. You are required to sign up for a [free] account to verify your name and address.

It looks like the following communities are also supported:

In time, I’d like to ditch unread catalogs as well.  Goodbye Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware [practically a phone book in itself, size-wise], Anthropologie etc