Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Things that didn’t make it into the nursery

For a variety of reasons [space, price, etc], there were a number of items that we would have liked to have incorporated into the nursery but didn’t make it into the finished design. Here are a few of them:

Yellow Striped Rug (Source unknown): Had we kept the hardwood floors, instead of installing the carpet, we would have introduced a cheery rug to liven up the space. This one was a frontrunner. I love the stripes!

Cloth jigsaw giraffe decal (Etsy seller TrendyPeas): i thought this piece would be great on the tall closet door, especially if i could have figured out a way to make it into a growth chart. Ultimately it was the price ($62) that turned me off this sweet little decal but I love how whimsical it is. The colors went well with our striped circus flags.

Blue Ceramic Garden Stool (Urban Trends): At over a $100 a pop these aren’t cheap, but the pattern and color were fantastic. I thought it would make a great end table next to the chair. Instead we went with a $5 nightstand from Craigslist. Which was a good thing.

Grey Sparrow Crib (by Oeuf): Grey is the new cream! I’m still determined to paint one of our rooms grey and I thought the crib looked smashing against Ben’s blue walls but ultimately we decided that it was too low, especially for the very tall Papa, to be lifting the heavy kiddo out of. We’re trying to be lower-back friendly.

HiHo Rocking Horse (Jarrod Lim): What can I say, I love this rocking horse. It was never, ever a contender for the nursery, thanks to the whopping $743 price tag, but it is beautiful eye-candy indeed.

Family Tree Picture Art (by me): The pictures for my family tree project, which were slated to go above the crib. Ultimately we decided that hanging large, glass and wood objects above the bambino was not so smart. Especially since Seattle is overdue for a giant quake in the near future..