Monday, June 13, 2011

Happenings at the Casa

I’ve been a bit tardy in updating events that have been going on ‘round our part of the world.

First up, we’ve had some fabulous weather and Benjamin kept me company as I planted our (small) vegetable garden a few weeks ago. It’s not too fancy: lettuce, peas, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes. I’ve had to put up some fencing to keep the chickens out as they adore freshly sprouted seedlings. It looks like we’ll have a gangbuster raspberry crop this year, despite the fact that I neglected them horribly last season and didn’t do any pruning or weed control. Definitely looking forward to that harvest!
We had a nice little honeybee swarm at my parent’s house the other day. I tried to convince the padres that we needed to acquire it since it’s a cheap way to get a hive for the year…but no dice. They’re sticking to their idea of redoing the vegetable patch (and beehive location) this summer so they weren’t eager to throw a wrench in those plans. That’s only fair, I suppose, given that the hive is in their yard (and not mine). Instead we called up a beekeeping buddy (and professional insect removal expert) and he collected it for his apiary. It’ll be interesting to see how the hive does, given that it was most likely a swarm of wild bees.

We’ve been going down to the park pretty frequently. Bailey is in heaven. You can just see the edge of his tail in the photo below. He’s keeping a carful watch on a pair of mallards. He wants to be ready in case someone decides that they should be chased. He’s your man when it comes to duck harassment. 
My PEPS class officially came to an end although some of us are still meeting on a weekly basis. I find the conversation and discussion to be so helpful and supportive. Plus there is solace in knowing that other parents are facing similar challenges!  Here is our group (minus one wee kiddo). Benjamin started wailing at top volume about 5 seconds later. 

Ben is practicing his sitting and rolling. He loves being upright; which makes sense, staring at the ceiling while on your back all the time must get rather boring. 

 He has managed to lose all of his birth hair with the exception of a few wispy strands on top and a dark little rat tail in the back. I am so tempted to cut it…but haven’t yet. Hopefully it’ll soon fall out on its own. 
I trucked down to Carkeek Park with a gal pal the other day. Ben did his normal thing and slept for most of it. Someday he’s going to wake up and be excited about the scenery… but that hasn’t happened yet. 

Hope you have a fabulous week my dears!