Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Burke Gilman Trail in LFP to close tomorrow [6/15/2011]

Last night at dinner with my parents the hot topic of the day was the closure of the Burke Gilman Bicycle Trail north of us in Lake Forest Park. The work is long overdue and desperately needed yet the alternate routes available to cyclists during the closure are far from ideal.

Yesterday they released the official detour map and it is one heck of a humdinger. We’re spoiled here in Seattle: the Burke Gilman Trail is an old railroad route and consequently is fairly flat. The
detour, almost three times as long as the closed segment, is fraught with steep hills and busy streets.

My Papa will be the one most affected by the construction as his bicycle commute to Everett includes a good chunk of trail time. They also live on a street that intersects the Burke yet is not officially on the detour route; it’ll be interesting to see if their driveway becomes a bicycle thoroughfare for commuters seeking alternate routes.

Speaking of my dad, I remembered last night that I failed to give a hearty “Congratulations!!” to all the Seattle folk that completed Cascade Bicycle’s Bike To Work Month in May. In this household we unabashedly root for Sterna Paradisaea, which coincidentally happens to be my dad’s team. He was a little less pleased this year as his daily ride to Everett is hillier, busier, and [most importantly] shorter than last year’s commute to Boeing’s Renton Plant, but that didn’t faze the team as they logged a respectable  an incredible 8,721 miles for the month.

I believe this is their fourth year as the top team of the GH Challenge, not a mean feat in this bicycle-obsessed city. And not too shabby, considering my Papa was born in 19…well, a while ago. He puts us young whippersnappers to shame. As Chris said this weekend after their ride: “Man, your dad is in great shape”.

Woot!! Let’s hear it for Boeing’s Team Sterna!