Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It’s kind of like the USA/Pakistan relationship: allies in name but uneasy at best.

Bailey and Benjamin are still learning to get along with each other. The pup is pretty envious of the attention that the kid receives and will place himself squarely between visitors and the baby in the hopes that guests will lavish him with love, rather than Benjamin. Unfortunately, it’s usually a losing strategy. 

But all of us do enjoy some quiet time during the day as the Beast makes himself comfortable at my feet while Ben’s nursing and he is loathe to leave his room at night when we put the kid to bed. I’m convinced that’s mostly due to the fact that Ben’s room is nice and toasty. And Bailey is a sucker for anything warm. 

It’s still an evolving relationship. Benjamin, for his part, is much more interested in Bailey’s activities and will visually track him across the room. He’s begun his grabbing phase but so far hasn’t been able to get ahold of any ears or tails. 
 This morning I told Bailey he was going away to summer camp: a weekend spent, sans baby, at my parent’s house. I think he’s been feeling particularly neglected as of late so two days moseying around the yard with my dad and curled up in my mom’s office will be a heavenly respite from our house. Poor dog, he deserves a vacation.