Friday, August 19, 2011

Project O’ the Week: DIY High Chair Seat and Harness System

Since the kiddo has shown a bit of interest in food lately, we decided that it was high time he have a place at the table. Enter this chair, courtesy of Craigslist: [removable tray not shown]
 Unfortunately, Benjamin is a little small for it and banged his head when he leaned back suddenly. Thus, the High Chair Project was born. 

I dug out some old furniture foam that we had in the basement,
 and then obtained some wipe-able waterproof fabric. This probably wouldn’t have been my first pattern choice but the only other option was bright, primary-colored baby handprints on a shockingly white background. Not exactly my cup o’ tea. 
 Benjamin supervised the cutting. 
 You guys will probably remember my trials with the sewing machine. I was doubly worried this time around as the fabric was quite thick and I’ve never before used the fancy green trim stuff. 
 But overall I was decently pleased with the end result. Just don’t look too closely at my not-so-straight-seams. 

There are actually three separate parts to the padding: the seat, the backrest, and a headrest (that will probably be removed as the bambino gets taller). The shoulder harness straps zip in between the the head and back pads.

 I also significantly beefed up the harness system so it is now a five-point “racing harness”, as Chris calls it. Snug as a bug in a rug. Also, check out the nifty no-chaff pads on the nylon harness. 

A girlfriend suggested that she might obtain a drop cloth for the area in the immediate vicinity of her baby’s high chair. Given how much stuff made it onto the floor yesterday during snack time, I’m thinking that I might use the rest of the fabric to do the same. I tried to appoint Bailey to cleanup duty but evidently he’s not partial to pre-gummed, smashed banana bits.