Monday, August 22, 2011

Stay on your side of the fence

Last night Chris and I were downstairs folding laundry and watching a bit of telly. A show came on about animal attacks. Neither Chris nor I are partial to the ones that involve scuba divers (or sharks) but as this one featured Binky, the [late] polar bear of the Alaska Zoo, we remained glued to the tv.

I spent some time at the zoo back in 2003 and we used to take the zoo summer camp kids on behind the scenes tours of the animal enclosures. Often, after locking the bears up in their interior runs, the kids would be let loose in the outdoor exhibits to drizzle honey on the logs or hide rubber dog toys filled with treats for the bears to discover. That was for the black bears.

 The polar bear exhibit, however, was strictly off limits. I hadn’t seen the video at that point; no wonder they were a wee bit leery of having folks in close proximity to the bruins.

 Moral of the story, Peeps: don’t go climbing over those fences!

 [No blood in the video, and it has a happy ending for everybody. Well, except for Binky who got the consolation prize: the gal's tennis shoe]