Saturday, September 03, 2011

Bailey + Benjamin

 Bailey avoids the kiddo most days. Especially as Benjamin has really made some significant strides in the grabbing, yanking, and pulling department. 

 Our long suffering pup. 

 What? I’m not supposed to tug on your ears?! Ok, I’ll tickle your chin instead. 

Both pretending to ignore the other. 
[On a side note: you have babies that suck their two middle fingers? We call it the rockstar move. You know, like this]

 Oh hi. I know you. [Can Bailey look anymore freaked out than he already is?]

Let me just pull a little over here...

 Cuddling. Only Benjamin looks amused.

 Hey! Let’s play!

Sadly, only Benjamin wants to tussle. Bailey wouldn’t mind playing with some of Ben’s toys, though. Especially the squeaky ones. He has been so self restrained though, nary a one has been chewed upon. I did catch Benjamin having a go at Bailey’s big blue bone the other day. Bailey looked so offended.

All tuckered out. What a good dog.