Monday, September 19, 2011

Dorrance Family Scrolls - Anyone have the digital versions?

My Dears, 

In 1947, Mary Wynne Dorrance did a tremendous amount of research of my father’s family history, starting with the Dorrance arrival in the New World in 1719. The information is compiled in three scrolls (one for each Dorrance brother) that are roughly each about 20 feet long. We have two of them. 

If you were to google “Dorrance Scrolls”, my blog mysteriously appears near the top of the heap and I get 5-10 requests every year from various Dorrances undertaking genealogy research that would like to obtain copies. 

Unfortunately, one simply cannot run down to the nearest Kinkos and zip out a photo copy. Too long, too delicate, too faded [and probably too expensive]. I would love to be able to send these long lost Dorrance kin a digital version, however. 

So, this post is in the hopes that some lovely Dorrance soul finds this blog post, has a digital version, and would be willing to share it with me. In turn, I would happily send it off to any inquiring Dorrances that are trying to track down their ancestors.

I would be forever grateful to obtain a copy. Please email me at if you have digital versions of the Dorrance scrolls!