Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

My Lovelies, 

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Chris and I left the bambino with the padres and went out for a relaxing dinner. It was so desperately needed. I’m nominating my parents for sainthood. 

We tore out all the plants in our front rockery. They were terribly overgrown and too large for the space. Basically the area got a serious buzz cut. It doesn’t look great but at least we now know what we’re working with. And now I have a good excuse to keep going to nurseries with my madre. 

Benjamin continues to work on his eating skills…but it pretty much still devoted to milk. The kid knows what he likes best. 
I’ve been perusing garage sales on the weekends for toys, books, and clothes for Benjamin. I’ve had moderate luck but have a feeling that the end of our sunny weather will also put the kibosh on the yard sales. 
 I was pretty thrilled by this eggplant hat, especially as it was $0.50. Ben was too. 
 For about 30 seconds. 
On Sunday we went for a woodsy stroll at the park. 
 We moseyed down to the beach and watched a sailing race for a few minutes. 
 Ben was enthralled by the forest….for a while. 
 I love this baby. 
 Even when he does his grumpy frowny face.