Friday, September 09, 2011

Things I’m loving: Camera Bags

My Dears, 

I have camera bags on the brain. 

It has become apparent that I need something in which to stick my camera while out walking. Putting the camera in the diaper bag, or around my neck is not cutting it. Too much bumping around. And having lenses stuffed into various pockets is not ideal. Megan can attest to this as she’s the one that caught my zoom lens from zipping overboard into Glacier Bay after it fell out of my vest pocket. 


So here are a few that I’m currently ogling:

A simple bag by Seasons Totes. I think something that I can sling over my shoulder would be ideal. And probably the most comfortable. 

Although I love the print on this green handbag, too!

The Ellison Camera Bag by Jeanne Oliver designs is subtle, practical, and simply beautiful. I love it. Plus I think it would hold up well on hikes, endure being thrown in the car, and drooled on by the kiddo. 

The bags from Jo Totes are beautiful - and bold. This one is probably bigger than I’m looking for but I can only imagine all the goodies I’d be able to stuff into it. 

Any of the products by Ketti Handbags. There is a reason they sell out every single week. 

How is that for an unexpected interior color?!

I wonder, could I craft my own? I’m a little intimated by such a large project.