Monday, October 03, 2011

The Cat Problem

This would have gone into the Rant and Rave column except I don’t have anything else that qualifies today. 

Here’s the problem, Peeps: I am ok with cats. Indoor cats. It’s the exterior felines I don’t particularly care for:

Here’s why:

I think this cat belongs to our new neighbors. It has discovered our chickens.

My girls are not the smartest. In fact, they fly into a tizzy at the mere sight of a predator. They lose feathers, they bang up against the walls, and most importantly, THEY STOP LAYING EGGS.

And now this little feline has started using my vegetable garden as a litter box. That’s not very neighborly now, is it?!

I don’t allow my dog to wander into other people’s yards, pooping in their gardens, and terrorizing their pets. How is it ok for other’s to do the same in my yard?

This is the second cat that has discovered both my garden and the chickens. I used cayenne pepper to stop the cat for doing its foul deeds in the garden…and that worked for a while. But frankly, I don’t think the onus should be on me to prevent this pet from desecrating the lettuce.

So, what’s a gal to do?

Ask the neighbors to keep their cat out of my yard? Buy a bb gun? Hope that it gets killed by a car? Or eaten by a coyote?

Suggestions welcome.

[And, for all my fightin’ words, I should point out that I don’t really want it dead, just not in my yard. Or anybody else’s yard, for that matter.]